Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Froschkonzert - Swingsocke/sock swing-knitting

Diese Socke habe ich vor ca. 1.5 Jahren für das Buch Swing-Socken testgestrickt. 


This sock I testknitted more than 1 year ago for the book from Heidrun Liegmann-Halama (the creator of the new knitting Technic "swing-knitting". This book is a part of several ideas of "knitting-the-swing LIGHT" - the author give the positions of the needles for obtaining the swinging patterns.

Sorry - I didn't find a book link in English - so I'm posting the pattern links to Ravelry for English spoken knitters.

here you'll find several english patterns of knitting-the-swing - at the moment the most patterns are only in German - but patterns will follow in English, too.


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